The Importance of a Logo — 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have One

In today’s overstimulating market, successful branding is about telling a story that will influence your customer’s emotions and decisions, and your logo is how customers distill your brand down to a memorable experience. We’ve spent countless hours pining over the right font or color choice to pair with an iconic mark to best represent a wide range of brands.

Whatever the size of your company may be, the importance of your logo cannot be overstated. According to an article from Harvard Business Review, descriptive logos can positively influence brand evaluations, purchase intentions, and brand performance because more (vs. less) descriptive logos are easier to process and thus elicit stronger impressions of authenticity, which consumers value.

Let’s perform a quick mental exercise. Can you close your eyes and picture these brand’s logos: Apple, Nike, Target, Coca-Cola, McDonalds? Now, of course, these are all mega brands that invest top dollar into their marketing and advertising, so let’s hope you can picture these logos, but most likely you know each of these brands intimately without thinking too hard about it.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why a logo for your business is important:

It Reveals Who You Are

Your logo can be a combination of many elements, including your company name, an icon, an emblem, a symbol, etc. All of these elements tell your customers who you are as a brand. If you’re a high-end fashion brand, you’ll probably have a simple typographic logo with an iconic symbol (think Louis Viutton). If you’re a local child day care, you’re probably going to use a more playful typeface and a more visual icon or perhaps a mascot.

The Importance of a Logo — 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have One

Your Logo Builds Trust

How professional is your business? If you’re serious about growing your customer base and building customer loyalty, having a logo is a great place to start. Some of the most classic examples of this are financial institutions. Banks like Chase, Bank of America, and Huntington National Bank all have clean, approachable logo lockups that convey confidence.

The Importance of a Logo — 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have One

Your Logo Helps with Brand Recognition (It’s Memorable)

Ideally, your trustworthy logo is memorable, which helps your customer’s remember why they chose to work with you in the first place. Repetition can be a great way to help with your brand recognition, and a consistent and branded look and feel go a long way with repeat customers. How many Apple products do you currently own?

The Importance of a Logo — 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have One

It’s the Foundation of Your Visual Identity

While your brand typically starts with your logo, your visual identity can and should be further developed to incorporate elements like color choices, typographic choices, icon sets, imagery, and page and web layouts. These elements can extend throughout your marketing materials like print collateral, your website, signage, interior spaces, and any other touch points you may use to visualize your brand. Target has been masterful at this.

The Importance of a Logo — 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have One

It Distinguishes You from Your Competition

Your logo can help differentiate your company from the competition. This is the most important of the five reasons. While it would be nice to monopolize any market, chances are there are plenty of other companies out there who do what you do and sell what you sell. What makes you better at it and how is that visually conveyed with your brand and logo? The Nike swoosh certainly evokes that feeling to “just do it.”

The Importance of a Logo — 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have One

Whatever the reason you might consider, having a company logo can be crucial to your growth and success. If you’re looking to develop a memorable logo that helps build trust and brand recognition and distinguishes you from your competition, look no further. We love helping our clients stand out. Reach out today for a free consultation.